Get Involved

When we all work together to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable in our community, we strengthen the city we live in.  When a community gives families with children the opportunity to achieve a sustainable and independent life, we are empowering families and ensuring a better future for us all.  Everyone wants to see children succeed in school and families to become productive members of their community.  Get involved with Family Promise of Irving – make it happen.

As a Community of Faith

  • Host Congregation
  • Buddy Congregation
  • Financial Partner

As an Individual

  • Join a committee (fundraising, public relations, facility management )
  • Day Facility Volunteer (phone duty, filing, assisting guests, computer work)
  • Financial Supporter (monthly contribution, one time contribution)

As a Community Partner

  • Sponsor Fund Raising events
  • In-Kind donations of services and products
  • Organize Awareness/Fund Raising Events  to benefit Family Promise of Irving

As a Social Service Partner

  • Refer the families with children experiencing homelessness who come to your agency to our program.
  • Provide mentoring, job training, housing assistance to families while they are guests of the Family Promise program.