Family Promise of IrvingĀ is a faith-based non-profit ministry that supports families who are experiencing homelessness as they search for new jobs, undergo job training, and obtain permanent housing.

The ministry is affiliated with the nationwide Family Promise which began in New York City in 1986. 80% of the families who complete the program have secured permanent housing.

Our mission is to provide a safe environment in which families can stay together and give the assistance they need to become self sufficient.

How does Family Promise Work?

Host Churches commit to sharing the responsibility of hosting 3-5 families every night (5pm to 7am) for seven nights, every 10 – 13 weeks.

Meals are provided for the families by volunteers of the host church.

Tutoring, activities and companionship are offered to the guests by volunteers who arrive after dinner.

Overnight Hosts (one male and one female) stay with the guests until breakfast volunteers arrive.

Families are transported to and from the host church in a network van driver by host church volunteers.

During the day, the families go to the day facility where they work with the Network Director to develop a plan for finding housing, jobs or job training.

The Day Facility servers as the permanent address for families and is also where families (they) take care of personal needs (showers, laundry, etc).